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Apr 18, 2013 6:00am EDT
of the united states senate failed to reach 60 votes. i have not the word yet. i do not know what explanation is. but i know as they have said to me, we will be back. what i said to them is, it is not over. they said to me, it is not even close to over. i want to say thank you for their lesson in being resolute and resilient in the face of the law. it is a lesson for all of america here today. it is in this picture, which is worth 1000 words. we will see this caused through. it is not going away. they are not going away. the newtown families will be back. they will give a face and a voice to all of the victims of violence. the 3400 since their loss in december and the many who perished before them. i'm proud to stand with them today. we will make america safer. thank you. >> thank you senator reid and senator manchin for getting us through this day. it is a sad day and shameful day. it is a day when a republican filibuster stood in the way of 90% of americans. if we need any truer perversion of the the filibuster, we saw today. one mother said, nothing could hurt her now. she had
Apr 10, 2013 8:00pm EDT
our children. that's our task. thank you. god bless you. god bless the united states of america. [applause] >> reaction from mitch mcconnell on the president has a budget. we'll also hear from senator robb portman. >> nearly every one of his budget so far is late. really late. after two months he has kept the country and hold, the house and they have passed their own budgets. it is hard to see with the white house plans to accomplish. i want to leave the intention is not to purposely low of the rest of process so the president can campaign the budget process he blew up but from the reports we're seeing, it is getting harder and harder not to draw that conclusion. after all, the document headed our way does not appear designed to bridge the differences between house and senate passed budgets. that is the role thamericans wod expect the president to play but his budget does not represent some grand. from the left to center. it is a pimmit from left to left. arehese reports we seeing are correct, it is the same thing we have seen year after year after year. that is really too bad because it is not like we do not know the kinds of things that need to backne to get our budget to balance and
Apr 11, 2013 6:00am EDT
sometimes there are issues that find you. when i was elected to the united states senate last november i never imagined my main speech would be about guns or gun violence. just like i never cut out imagined that i would be standing here in the wake of 20 little kids having died in sandy hook or six adults who protected them. but sometimes issues find you. so here i am. i am pleased to have the majority leader and majority whip and so many of my colleagues on the floor with me here today. i want to start with the unpleasant parts. i take it is important for all of my colleagues to understand why we're having this debate in next week about gun violence. why for the first time we were able to break the logjam and started doing something about the gun violence that has plagued this nation. to just box your ears and pretend it did not happen. just pretend it did not -- it is not here. it is here. the next new town names are does waiting to be added to the list if we do nothing. here is what we do. sometime in the early morning hours of december 14, a very disturbed, reclusive man n
Apr 19, 2013 6:00am EDT
face of the earth. to have their son one of the united states senators growing up poor and going to public schoolses is an enormous part the american experience. we have the beavent the brightest in america. young men and women who came to this country through no choice of their home, they came here because their parents came here when they were children. the only national anthem they know is the star-spangled banner. the reality is america is their home. after enormous investments in them after education and they have the opportunity to contribute to america's wealth,p itiveness we turn our backs to them. onehis is a moment to meet of america's tough examples in a way that it smart, secures our borders and at the end of the day preserves our history. [speaking spanish] [speaking spanish] thank you very much. [applause] >> actually i changed my mind. i'm kidding. [laughter] >> not again. not again. >> once was enough. [laughter] >> it's been fun. one of the things that makes our nation special and dirvet from the rest of the world we're a nation of immigrants. it can't be said enoug
Apr 11, 2013 1:00am EDT
member of the united states senate. but it goes back to your question. when i was in the senate for those 12 years, we didn't have the kind of pressures at all. they weren't even close. what we're dealing with now. that's the big difference. the fiscal realities that are forcing down now some tough choices and some big decisions are going to have to be made. we don't have any choice here, because if we don't start getting a hold of this and moving this back towards some high making tough choices, the congress is going to have to be a partner here. we can help manage it and propose and be part of this. but the congress is a hugely critical component of all that all that we need to do. but that's a big difference. marty. >> i completely agree, mr. secretary. we have to absorb cuts of this magnitude. we have to take them across the entire enterprise. >> that's what i instructed in my direction on the strategic choices and management review is to look at everything. everything's on the table. has to be on the table. >> when do you expect the results of that review? >> the review is ongo
Apr 16, 2013 8:00pm EDT
bringing forward in the united states senate in as short a time as this evening. the president is supportive of the process we went through. the president having been in the senate and having seen this process before is very supportive. the president realizes that everybody didn't get what they wanted completely, but it's a product of compromise. we appreciate the president's support, and we believe that that's important as we move forward with the process. the president also agrees that this is the beginning of a process and not the end. we will have hearings, we will have amendments, floor debates. at the end of the day, we will have a bill on the president's desk because all major players that are involved in this issue are now on board, literally every major, whether business or labor and that is a change from the last time we tried this in 2007. questions. >> two more points. we do hope to drop the bill late tonight, and we are working as we speak. and that's very, very important. and one of the things we all agree with is, there ought to be an open process so people who don'
Apr 17, 2013 1:00am EDT
be a potential policy of the united states? >> senator, having no forces and no presence post 2014 in my mind would undermine or campaign success. >> well, in this article -- i just found it to be a pretty good summary of some of the difficult choices we're wrestling with and you're having to deal with. i mean, you're not the commander in chief. ultimately the president of the united states, the commander in chief, will decide how many troops are there. you'll make a recommendation up there all the chain, is that correct? chain?ugh the >> that's correct, senator. >> well, one of the things that was troubling to me is our commander in chief, president obama has been there five years and we've got troops on the ground in harm's way right this minute. and this is why mr. michael o'hanlon, the defense analyst at brookings said in this article april 2. one of the most consistent, i guess, observers of our operations in afghanistan and iraq of anybody in america. from the beginning he's been observing, commenting and writing about it and this is the liberal heritage foundation. he says t
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)